Experienced consultants with broad global experience and network to bring the worlds best practices to you. Some key characteristics that can support your interests include:

  • Adept at trouble shooting with an instinctive ability to solve problems at the appropriate level
  • Proactive, with drive and tactical response to ensure customer satisfaction with the motivation to excel
  • Entrepreneurial with a creative and innovative approach to find opportunities for your benefit.
  • Excels in turning challenges into profitable opportunities
  • Focussed on nurturing dynamic teams that can evolve to fulfil their potential
  • Offers a business vision that sets new standards, enabling organisations to mature to internationally competitive levels
  • Business focussed professional with a reputation for reliability, excellence and a record to achieve a workable balance between the best business case and the most sophisticated outcome. With 30+ years of Management and Engineering experience at your service to turn risks into opportunities.


    Consultations, Independant Assessments, Operational planning support

    Contact us with a description of your interest:

  • Book a 15 minute consultation to discuss possible directions that could help your situation. Please provide an outline of the issue when booking
  • Assessments can be arranged and typically take 2 to 3 days with the appropriate interviews. Report the next day.
  • Operational planning if it exists typically needs a lift to overcome the same issues from year to year.
  • Evolving to the next level of Maturity needs to address key weakness that are identifies with our online assessments
  • Online Solutions

    E-enabled solutions are either outsourced or developed as needed. Through your interests the best workable solution can be considered that will lift the organisations potential with the latest products and services. For VoIP, upgrades are available from the old PBX systems to the modern softswitches. see Technov Inc.
    There are a range of packages that could make your tasks easier.

    Recommended associates

    Stan Odachowski with a wealth of experience at SODA-Consulting

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